Sunday, April 18, 2010

The psychology of erectile dysfunctio

The body is really just a complicated machine with blood pumping round the plumbing system and muscles moving the bones around. Any machine can break down and a mechanic can fix it. But think about a car. You can repair damage but it still takes someone to drive it. Sex is more than plumbing. You have to be in the mood and find the partner attractive. If, for some reason, you stop being interested in sex, the driver may never take the car out of the garage. Why might this happen? Some men suffer performance anxiety.

They have had bad experiences and no longer want to risk their self-esteem. Others may become depressed and find their libido failing. Alternatively, you may just have fallen out of love with this partner and now avoid sexual contact with her. When the mind is so important to the proposed activity, it is surprisingly easy to create sexual difficulties for yourself. Sex is just something that happens naturally, but what is natural can become wrapped up in fear, shame, humiliation, guilt and other emotions that get in the way. If this happens, no drug can or will solve the problem. Viagra just a plumber. Unless you want to resume sexual activity, the pipes will remain unused.

All the medical evidence shows you have to treat the other problems before treating the erectile dysfunction. For example, if you are depressed and lose interest in sex, you have to treat the causes of the depression. Ironically, erectile dysfunction is one of the side effects of many drugs used to treat depression. So, clearing the mind of its problems comes first, followed by giving up the antidepressants. But then starting viagra may not be the answer because you need a willing partner who is going to be supportive. There are social problems to deal with after the medical issues are resolved.

It is the easiest thing in the world to say, "You have to remember how much fun sex is." But when it comes to trusting yourself to give and receive pleasure, you suddenly confront the risks to your self-confidence. What happens if something goes wrong this time? If the relationship is strong and your partner wants you to succeed, you can find restarting sexual activity very rewarding. A couple working to solve a problem together often emerges stronger. But if the relationship is weak, overcoming the fear of failure is a big hurdle. Remember, you have no chance of overcoming the fear unless you take a chance. If you take the risk, the rewards are there for the taking.

The best way forward is through cognitive behavioral therapy. This teaches you ways to build your confidence. Unfortunately, there are not enough trained therapists and not all medical insurance policies cover the cost of treatment. This brings viagra back into play. This drug gives otherwise healthy men the best possible chance of a successful sex life. Doubt can be a problem but, if you believe in viagra enough, it will help rebuild the enjoyment in sex. As you find more success, your confidence will improve and you can get back to how it was when you were younger.


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